I’m a product designer currently living in the Netherlands.

The intersection of art and technology or humans and computers has been the most intriguing subject since I can remember. The question of what a computer really is from an anthropological point of view has launched me into an ongoing inquiry about the infinite possibilities a human can do with technology.

I was born in 89’ just before the fall of the iron curtain in Hungary. As the first democratic generation, we grew up side by side with computers. For me, it all started with installing games from dozens of floppy discs on MS-DOS, to later: editing videos, photography, VJing, 3D, animating, coding, video, broadcast editing, media design, and product design at last. I consider this to be a unique experience about how technology evolves and drives social change.

I’m enthusiastic about new technologies and the responsibility with which product people should approach their craft with. Humane, ethical design is something I am striving for in every context possible.

Having worked for more than 5 years as a designer, I have faced many facets of product design and development. My skills range from UX research and strategic planning to cross-fidelity prototyping, pixel-perfect UI design, motion design, and leading workshops. The variety of tasks is one of the things I enjoy most about being a product designer.

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